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MERCEDES / Advertising

Surf Vision by Taki Bibelas
Shot for Mercedes Benz France with Peyo Lizarazu in the Basque Country. 57 seconds

the still point / documentary

A film by Taki Bibelas
The ocean and waves as seen through the eyes and thoughts of some of the worlds most known ‘water-men’. It’s about the ocean and the connection of all things. For them, surfing is a form of self-expression and a way of life, but is it also a microcosm of life on this planet?  Is the ocean alive, does it have a consciousness?

Planet Zako / mini doc

A film by Taki Bibelas
From professional snowboarder to contemporary artist in the Basque Country, Zako finds that the balance between roller skating and art leads to the creation of a rabbit, a roller skating cat and a unicorn that can’t stop peeing.

dc not me / documentary

A film by Taki Bibelas
A hero’s journey from childhood to Formula One. “David Coulthard and I both once raced Formula Ford cars, so how come he went on to become a formula one driver and I didn’t?” We embark on a journey to find out why. A road trip to Scotland is the setting with key people in the Formula One world. Once there we get to know “DC” and understand the strange connection between fashion photography, speed, passion, and formula one driving.

On Est Riche / short fiction

A film by Taki Bibelas

a film about irresponsibility
Sancho finds a package floating in the ocean while surfing at sunrise with his sister. He is sure that it’s contents, highly illegal, will make them rich. However, his girlfriend’s concern, police helicopters, a passing gangster and the young couple’s irresponsibility, leads to an unlikely tragedy. Festival premiere: Cannes 2014

Hold Fast / Documentary

A film by Taki Bibelas
A fashion team gets caught and stranded in southern Morocco during an intense storm that destroys bridges and roads.

Special One / Music Video

A music video by Taki Bibelas
Music Video for the Icelantic group “Bang Gang”. 

Album on itunes

Airlift Quiksilver / Advertising

A clip by Taki Bibelas
An advertising clip for a safety vest by Quiksilver in collaboration with Aqualung.

Lozy's / Advertising

A clip by Taki Bibelas
An advertising for Lozy’s pharmaceuticals to present the new plant and high tech operations.